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These different kinds of interracial intimacy and sexual depredation all reached the civil-rights revolution interracial dating, interracial sex, and interracial marriage . Though married to a white woman, Bond ascended to the.

Illicit Love: Interracial Sex and Marriage in the United States and from elite and literate Cherokee men and the white women they married.

In this spatiality of youths' everyday lives, interracial sexuality .. white women he brought to his friend's apartment for the pursuit of sex outside.

Miscegenation is a term given to the mixing of different racial groups through marriage, The term came to be associated with laws banning interracial marriage and sex, known as anti-miscegenation laws. Although . Africa mostly the results of interracial relationships between Arab and European men and black women.

More recent works that deal explicitly with interracial sex and focus on relationships between blacks and whites include Martha Hodes, White Women.