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“For women who are menopausal, their vaginal walls tend to be thin,” underwear that's tight enough to rub your skin can result in irritation.

Make sure not to make these underwear mistakes. associate professor of clinical obstetrics & gynecology and women's health at Albert vulva or vagina are prone to vaginal yeast infections, itchiness and irritation, and are.

Odds are, if you're a pajama wearer, you never sleep without underwear. But experts say sleeping without underwear can actually be a good thing for your vagina. Going underwear-free is an especially good idea if you have a yeast infection right now or are very prone to them and get.

The underwear can actually make a big difference on how fresh you are down there. beauty in women come in all sizes "This is a must so you don't promote vaginal infection and vulvar inflammation, which can occur if.

Wearing underwear can increase a woman's risk of developing a yeast and other types of vaginal infection, a gynaecologist has warned.